Walk Oslo harbour to Akershus fortress with map

A delightful tour that will show you Oslo’s past and present. Check the modern Aker pier, and do the short walk to Akershus fortress, a medieval castle built in the 13th century... And while there, check the view over the harbor, city, and surroundings. Route is near the cruise-harbor.

Elleven attractions
Start: Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park
Stopp: The view from Akershus festning (Reverse)
Route: Map below
Walk: 40 min
Distance: 2.8 km

1 Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park

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This self-guided tour starts by the sea, where the locals, families and youth, meet to take a swim in Oslo. This open-air gallery was established in 2012 as part of the urban renewal project for Tjuvholmen, an industrial area, now a modern urban district. The park blends contemporary sculptures with natural surroundings, and it offers an escape from the bussy city, with its panoramic views over the Oslo Fjord. This is at the end of the Aker-brygge area, but I would recommend you to walk the extra steps to get here.

A fun and colorfull statue on the beach with some people nearby who are enjoying the place and the sun

2 Akerhus brygge

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A waterfront district that blends of history and modernity. Originally a shipyard in the 19th century, this area has been transformed into a lively hub for leisure and culture. A walk along the promenade, lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops, is recomended... Or you can simply relax by the water's edge. 

A small bridge that combines the different parts of Aker brygge, a tourist destination in Oslo by the sea

Take a look over the fjord, and you will see Akershus Fortress which was constructed in the late 13th century.

4 Aker Brygge Clock Tower

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An iconic landmark overlooking the Aker Brygge waterfront, constructed in the 1960s and still ticking. You are now in the heart of Oslos waterfront district with trendy restaurants, boutiques, and beautiful views.

A clock-tower telling the time to people walking by. The Oslo harbour and some buildings in the background

5 NAM, The new national museum

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The building combines modernity with traditional elements, featuring a sleek, angular facade. New architecture meets the surrounding old look. A visit is recommended.

Inside, the museum boasts a diverse collection of Norwegian art, centuries of creativity. You will find works of iconic artists like Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, and Harriet Backer. Everything from paintings and sculptures to decorative arts and contemporary installations. The museum is filled with what makes the Norwegians so Norwegian.

A cafe outside the norwegian national museum. The museum with its modern sharp edges are side by side with an old building

The space

The museum has more than 80 rooms.

The span

Covering almost 3,000 years of Norwegian history.

... and the collection

More than 6,500 works are on display.

Going to museums or events in Oslo? Save time and buy tickets in advance.

7 Nobel Peace Center

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A family-friendly museum dedicated to promoting peace, human rights, and the history of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, a price that has been awarded annually since 1901 in accordance with the will of Alfred Nobel.

Tourist walking outside the large building for Nobel price center summertime

8 Rådhuset, Oslo city hall

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Completed in 1950, it serves as the administrative center of Oslo's municipal government, including the City Council and the City Government. It is known for its distinctive architecture and historical significance. The building's exterior has statues and bas-reliefs that show scenes from Norwegian history, culture, and folklore. Check it out.

Oslo rådhus which is a large building made of bricks with statues on the outer walls as well as a large statues stainding in

9 Akershus festning, Fortress

Built in the late 13th century to protect the city, Akershus fortress has played a significant role in Norwegian history. You can still walk around and explore the well-preserved medieval architecture, including ramparts, towers, and dungeons. The millitary still use parts of the fort, but feel free to take photos. You will also find museums among the buildings, but a walk here is always free.

A few of the buidlings from the 13th century that you can see at the old Akershus Festning fortress in Oslo. Both wooden hous

In the movies

Akershus has been a backdrop for various films and TV series, including scenes from the popular Netflix series "The Witcher."

Mausoleum for kings and queens

The Royal Mausoleum is the final resting place for Norwegian royals

Royal and military fortress

Akershus has served as a royal residence, a strategic military fortress, and a prison for notable figures throughout its history.

10 Akershus Castle Chapel

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This exquisite chapel has been a site of significant royal events and ceremonies in Norwegian history. Built during the reign of King Christian IV in the early 17th century, the chapel's elegant Gothic and Renaissance architecture reflects its time-period.

The chapel has witnessed numerous royal baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Today, the Chapel stands as a historical treasure, and is open for tourists.

Two people getting married outside an old stone church in Oslo with guests cheering

11 The view from Akershus festning

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While inside the fortress, explore it by your own, but be sure to end the trip on the top of the hill. The fortress offers one of the best panoramic views of Oslo, with the city skyline, the Oslo Fjord, and surrounding greenery.

A lady sitting on the gras at Akershus festning fortress in Oslo looking at the view over the harbour and city

Map and route

Get the route at Google maps

Allow about 40 minutes to walk this route, but add extra time for attractions and other stops.

Author: Sem Hadland (More about me)

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