About me and my site

Traveling is one of my hobbies and seeing the cities by my own is what I like. I hope this site can be what I have missed online, a collection of free walkable city-tours with recommendations, description, photos and free maps.

Who am I?

This site is a combination of two of my hobbies, traveling and making websites. Reading travel-sites online, or to make them, is some kind of a travel on its own. Some people do knit or spend time with their plants, no, that's not my kind of thing. My third hobby is music, the heavy style of music, if you did care.

Me standing in cities I have visited. The photos in the collage is from NewOrleans, London, Oslo, Berlin, Bern, Marseilles, Altea, New York city, Odense, Vienna, Stockholm and Rive Del Garda.

I am Sem Hadland, living in Norway in a small town on the south-west coast called Egersund. Yes, it is my favorite city, but other than that I like to travel as much as I can, and while other people are visiting the same spot every year, I hope to discover new places and sights.

Hope you like my site and tour-suggestions. There is nothing that will make me happier.


And where have I been?

Maps over Europe with dots showing where the author has been

I have not been to Australia, China or Japan... But, according to Google maps-timeline, I have been to 17 countries since I turned on my timeline-settings in 2016. This includes 243 cities, so there should be enough information for me to write on this blog for a long time.

Google maps-timeline

Google Maps Timeline is a personal map that helps you remember places you've been based on your location-history. See Googles own description or check if you already have data in your personal Google maps-timeline.

Why Cities-by-foot.com?

There are so many places that deserve to be visited, and you might not find them where you did expect. Welcome to Cities-by-foot.com

How do I write these posts?

The short answer is "all by myself". You will only find posts about cities where I have been here, so the start is maybe to visit the city first. I don't accept guest-post, but do some research before writing... And yes chatGPT is a tool I use, but all text and all recommendation and comments are mine and mine only. I hope you will find this website and city-tours useful.

What about images?

I try to use as many of my own photos and images as I can, but sometimes that is not enough. Stock.adobe.com is a good source which I use, and so are the "free" services at Pixabay and Unsplash. Please do not use any of my images in your own projects without asking. Thank you.

Anything else?

Nope, that's it. Now feel free to explore my blog-posts and site Cities-by-foot.com