Vigelandsparken in Oslo with the route to all attractions

Follow this self-guided tour and see all the famous statues and Figures in Vigelandsparken. We really enjoyed this park, and there are so many things to see in this quiet part of Oslo. See all the gems with this map, and yes it is family-friendly. This is one of the most remarkable sculpture parks in the world.

14 attractions
Start: Vigelandsparken, main entrance
Stopp: Frognerborgen Lekeplass (Reverse)
Route: Map below
Walk: 27 min
Distance: 2.0 km

1 Vigelandsparken, main entrance

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Designed by Gustav Vigeland, this entrance gate is a masterpiece in itself, with ironwork showing human figures in various poses. The park is designed to lead visitors through a journey of life, from birth to death, with its sculptures portraying the various stages of human existence. From these gates, simply walk in a stright line and you will get he story.

Large metal-gates to the park with some tourists on the outside and inside

Entry to Vigelandsparken is free and always open for public...

3 The bridge

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The first part of this self-guiding tour is a strait line, and you will soon enter this wide bridge. It has 58 bronze statues that gives us the various stages and emotions of human life. My favourite is the man attacked by babies which humorously illustrates the challenges of parenthood. Find your favourites and feel free to sitt besides them to take photos.

Wide bridge made of stones with tourists looking at large stone- and metal-statues on each side

4 Sinnataggen, The angry boy

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I am not sure why this is the most popular statue in Vigelandsparken, but maybe because we can see ourself in it? Sinnataggen stands just 30 centimeters tall, but its expression speaks volumes. As you can see... The bronze statue captures the emotions of a young boy in anger.

A popular small statue of an angry boy

200 statues

The park features over 200 sculptures and this is the most popular among them.

Can you see a son?

Sinnataggen is said to be inspired by Gustav Vigeland's own son.

... and the size?

30 centimeters tall, one of the smallest statues in the park.

5 Vigelandsfontenen

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This is the heart of the park and it is surrounded by a large, circular pool. You will also see a group of bronze figures, led by a woman, all dancing as they reach towards the sky.

The big fountain with statues on each side, one of the main attractions in Vigelandsparken park

6 Monolitten

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This is a colossal work of art, a massive, 17-meter high sculpture composed of 121 life-sized human figures, all carved from a single granite block. Crafted by Gustav Vigeland himself, it symbolizes the circle of life, from birth to death, with all the joys and sorrows in between. A tip is to view it from both a distance and close up, take your time, 180 tons of art is more than you can take in one bite.

The monolitt, a high stone sculpture made of full size bodies trying to climb higher

The statues have been standing here since the park opened in 1940, and I think that they have stood the test of time.

8 Livshjulet

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Not not only visually captivating but also philosophically. Gustav Vigeland created this to symbolize the eternal cycle of life and death. As we gaze at the central figure, we'll see a man surrounded by the different stages of life, from infancy to old age, symbolizing the unending journey of human existence.

A figure made by metal of several full-size bodies making a wheel with a view over the park


Placed at the highest point in the park, making it one of the park's central and most significant sculptures.


Just like other sculptures, this one is full of details, showing Vigeland's exceptional craftsmanship.

My view

I think this is thought-provoking and powerful representation of the human journey. Well worth the visit to the park alone.

The park's beauty evolves with the seasons, from blooming flowers in spring to snow-covered sculptures in winter. I don't think the weather is any reason not to visit it.

10 Sirkusteltet

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If you are in a hurry, feel free to go the same way back, or you can take the full route to view the park with all its qualities.

A birds view over the figure monolitten and the circus-tent to the right on the gras

11 Frognerelva

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A quiet part of the park with the city-river running throu. A forest of old trees and a trail large enough for pram or wheelchairs. If you have yougsters in the group, they can run and play freely.

A river in a forrest in the middle of the park

12 Frogner hovedgÄrd

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An 18th-century large mansion located within the park and open for visitors and tourists. See beautiful halls and rooms with interiors from late 1700s and up, and get to know the history hidden in the walls.

Old farm-buildings whith tourists outside in the garden eating at the cafe.

13 Lincolnmonumentet

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There is a large number of memorials around the world in honor of the American president Abraham Lincoln. One of there are this bust in Frognerparken in Oslo, raised in 1914.

A memorial statue of the american president Lincoln with flowers

14 Frognerborgen Lekeplass

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With kids that want more? If so, then this playground is a safe bet before returning.

Kids having fun in the playground in between the trees

Map and route

Get the route at Google maps

Allow about 27 minutes to walk this route, but add extra time for attractions and other stops.

Author: Sem Hadland (More about me)

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