A Gothenburg-walk from the Palm garden to Haga and Skandsen Fort

Route and map to this wonderfull tour in between low historic houses, under palm trees in the park and up to Skandsen forth with a big view over Göteborg.

13 attractions
Start: Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus
Stopp: The view from Skansen kronan (Reverse)
Route: Map below
Walk: 50 min
Distance: 3.4 km

1 Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus

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Alfons Åberg is a famous Swedish children's book character for kids and this is his culture-house and theater. It is also the start on our tour. Enter the gate to the left of the building, go ten steps, and you are out of the city-larm and in the rose-garden. 

A small house with a museum for kids and families as well as a gate outside with an opening to the park

2 The Palm House

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Known as "Palmhuset" in Swedish, is a part of the park. a lush oasis of tropical and subtropical plants. Bad weather on your trip? This is a taste of paradise year round. This route is family friendly all the way, but the palm house might be one of the highlights if you go inside. Free to enter.

A large green-house in a park with people on the outside having a good time in the summer-sun

3 Bältespännarparken (park)

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A small park opposite Stora Teatern, the theater in Gothenburg as well as Avenyn, main boulevard. Among the trees and flower beds, be sure to check out the sculpture of two men, strapped together, and fighting with knives. They gave the park its name.

Two tourists walking this route taking some pictures in the park

You will now cross the main boulevard, simply called Avenyn, stretching from the canal and up to the Museum of Art, the City Theatre, and the Concert Hall. The boulevard is worth its own tour.

5 Kungsparken, the Kings park

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Magnificent trees and lush greenery in the middle of the city along the canal and all its beauty. Popular spot for picnics and jogging.

Locals and tourists walking along the water and under the trees in Kungparken park

For a shorter route, you may start here with the church.

7 Hagakyrkan, Haga Church

Feel free to make a stop by Hagakyrkan, the old church, in Haga. Constructed from brick and locally quarried stone between 1855 and 1859, the church's facade features rose windows and towering spires. If you go inside, check out the pipe organ, one of the largest in Sweden.

A stone and brick church in Haga Gothenburg

The name of the city is Gothenburg, but that is in english, in sweden it is called Göteborg.

9 Haga

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One of my favourite spots in Gothenburg is Haga, a charming historic district with wooden houses, cobblestone streets, and a quiet atmosphere. Established in the early 19th century, Haga originally served as a working-class district, but has since evolved into a thriving neighborhood with quaint shops, cafes, and antique stores. You'll feel transported back in time, and if you want to buy suvenirs, spend some time, and do it here in Haga.

Tourists and locals walking in the streets of Haga with small cafees and shops

My suggestion is to spend your time here. It does not get more Swedish than this old and charming district. Cozy cafes, unique shops, and relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended.

11 Kafé Magasinet

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This is just one of many good places to eat in Haga, feel free to visit any of the cafés on your route, but if the weather is nice, my suggestion would be to do one of the out-door cafés. That way you can enjoy the city-life and the food at the same time. Order whatever you wan't, but if you would like to go full swedish, pick a black coffe and a cake.

People enjoying a meal at this out-door cafe in Haga Gothenburg with a friendly waiter at the back

12 Skansen kronan fort

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This landmark has been here on this hilltop since 1687, and Its purpose was to defend the city from sea attacks. Luckily, It has never seen an actual military combat, and the canons, which are still here, has never been fired in anger.

The Skansen Kronan forth in Haga Gothenburg on the hilltop with a canon in front a summer day

The name

its name "Kronan" translates to "The Crown" in Swedish, signifying its importance and royal connection.

Thick walls

The fort solid walls that are between 4 and 5 meters thick, made of granite, gneiss and diabase.


Skansen Kronan was once located outside the city walls, but the hill has since been swallowed up by part of Haga area, west-central Gothenburg.

13 The view from Skansen kronan

The fortress is built on a hill near the trendy Haga area, so while at the top, turn around and you will see the Haga church, the old part as well as the modern parts of Gothenburg. Everything surrounded by red rooftops and green trees. I think this is the best place to see the city, and it is Instagram-friendly in all directions.

A good view over Gothenburg with Haga in front and the modern parts of the city in the back

Map and route

Get the route at Google maps

Allow about 50 minutes to walk this route, but add extra time for attractions and other stops.

Author: Sem Hadland (More about me)

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