Gothenburgs best attractions, self-guided tour with map

This tour will walk you to the historical town of Gothenburg, the modern parts, as well as the canals and parks. A short tour with a lot of attractions.

Elleven attractions
Start: Feskekörka, the old fish market
Stopp: The Market Hall (Reverse)
Route: Map below
Walk: 41 min
Cycling: 12 min
Distance: 3.0 km

1 Feskekörka, the old fish market

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Feskekörka, or translated to "Fish Church," has been the fish market since 1874. You will find a bustling marketplace inside as well as a restaurant serving the best of the best from the sea. A nice place to start your self-guided tour in Gothenburg.

Some people relaxing in the sun outside of the old fish-market hall, while other are walking along the canal eating take-away food

Architectural wonder

Feskekörka's design was met with skepticism in the mid 1800s due to its unconventional church-like look for a fish market.

Seafood variety

Feskekörka still offers a vast selection of seafood, and you will experience, and taste, the diversity of Sweden's coastal traditions.

Historic Significance

The market has witnessed over a century of changes, surviving time and renovations while maintaining its role as a hub for seafood

2 Magasinsgatan shopping district

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Lined with historic buildings, Magasinsgatan combines tradition with modern shopping. The streets invite locals, visitors and fashion enthusiasts to high-end boutiques, independent designers, and vintage stores. Not into shopping? The cozy atmosphere, art galleries, cafes and unique blend of history is worth the walk alone.

Be sure to also check out the side streets “Vallgatan” and “Kungsgatan” which translates to “Kings Road”.

A couple walking in the shopping area of Gotheborg in a sunny day

Do you want more shopping? Check our Gothenburg-route for boutiques and shops at the bottom of this page. Happy hunting!

4 Victoriapassagen

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Historic and charming passage built in 1889. Check out the architectural details here, including the glass roof that allows natural light to the passageway. Almost as an indoor-outdoor arcade. Here you will find a variety of shops, boutiques, and cafes, making it a popular destination for locals, visitors, and tourists.

A tourist about to enter the indor-outdoor shopping center Victoriapassagen, standing outside under the sign telling where you are

5 Gothenburg Cathedral

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A prominent landmark in the heart of Gothenburg, this cathedral was constructed in the 17th century with a blend of Dutch and Swedish baroque-styles. It is renowned for its elegant architecture and rich history.

An old catedral made of stone between some oak-trees with people walking outside

A landmark

Constructed in the 17th century, this Baroque-style cathedral is renowned for its elegant architecture and rich history.

The organ

The cathedral's instrument is one of the largest in Sweden, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and melodious tones.

Royal Connection

The cathedral has witnessed several royal events, including the christening of Crown Princess Victoria in 1977.

6 Lejontrappan, the lion-steps

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A beautiful spot in the middle of the city, and my favourite too. You will get a good view over the canal while you are standing there between two large lion-statues. Bring your camera, this is the most Instagram-friendly place in Gothenborg.

A statue of a lion looking at the canal and the city-view, the best place to take Instagram-photos in Gotheborg

7 Palmhuset, the palm-house

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This route is full of surprises, and Gothenborgs diversity is what I like best about the city. What about a full-size greenhouse full of palms, exotic plants, and tropical warmth. A popular destination since 1878, measuring 1000 square metres, and always free to enter. A visit is recommended as this is fun for the whole family, young and old.

A large green-house with a jungle inside which is free to enter

8 Bältespännarna, park and statue

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The focal point in this park is the statue named Bältespännarna, or translated to "Belt Bucklers", showing two fighting men. On the other side of the avenue is the theater which is also worth a peek.

A statue in a park in Gothenburg with a train in the background as well as two tourists with a child walking by

9 Gothenburg Visitor Centre

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Located by the square Kungsportsplatsen the tourist information is easy to find, here right in the heart of the city. This square offers more, it is a crowdy place with cafes, shops, and places to sit down and relax. Kungsportsplatsen can be translated to the kings’ gates.

The fasade of the tourist information center in Gothenburg with a detailed description on where to find it

10 The Equestrian Statue of Karl IX

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Every respectful city in Europe has a statue with a man on a horse, in Gothenburg it is the king Charles IX or Karl IX as he is called in Sweden. He reigned as king from 1604 to 1611 and is best known for his military prowess and efforts to strengthen the Swedish state. This is a busy quarter, but a nice visit on our trip.

Large statue of king Karl IX on a horse. People walking by and in the background you can see the Gothenburg Visitor Centre for tourists in the background

11 The Market Hall

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Traditional food market. Locals come here to get the best pieces of meat or seafood, while tourists can get a good lunch, a snack, or just feel the atmosphere and view the authentic city life. It is indoor, so I think it is a nice stop whatever the weather or season.

People outside of the Gothenburg market hall and food hall. A young tourist is looking at photos on her camera

Map and route

Get the route at Google maps

Allow about 41 minutes to walk this route, but add extra time for attractions and other stops. Cycling this Gothenburg-route takes about 12 minutes.

Author: Sem Hadland (More about me)

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