The best Gothenburg attraction on this short city-walk

Walk along the waterfront promenade in Gothenburg and see all the city gems. Check the breathtaking view of the area and river, and find some nice spots for photos.

12 attractions
Start: Gustav Adolfs Torg
Stopp: Drömmarnas kaj (Reverse)
Route: Map below
Walk: 42 min
Cycling: 11 min
Distance: 3.1 km

1 Gustav Adolfs Torg

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The statue of King Gustav Adolfs has been here since 1854 and the surrounding buildings, the city hall and court, are as old. This open square is a nice start on our journey along the canals and harbor of Gothenburg. Expect to see new surprises around every corner, on land and in the water.

Some tourists taking photos and selfies with the statue of Gustav Adolf with the old building the city Hall in the background

The life of Gustav Adolfs

Gustav Adolfs was born in 1594, and entered the throne when he was 16, and spent most of his days as a king on wars.

The leader

Gustav Adolfs contributions to Sweden's rise in power included reformation of the administrative structure. 

The general

Carl von Clausewitz and Napoleon Bonaparte considered him one of the greatest generals of all time.

2 Gothenburg City Museum

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Housed in a charming 18th-century building, that is worth to look at on the inside as well as on the outside. If you choose to enter, expect to see some of the one million objects like archaeological artifacts, art, and items show us the cities maritime and industrial history. There is also a section dedicated for our children.

The city museum, Deutsche Kirchengemeinde and the city hall side by side with the canal. A lot to see on a short distance in Gothenburg

I can recommend this trip on every hour, from early morning to late at night. It is also suitable for jogging.

4 Casino Cosmopol Göteborg

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A gambling and entertainment establishment located near the sea. I suggest passing it on the sea-side as you will there get the best view on your way to the museum and opera..

The casino in Goteborg is in a large brick-building

5 Maritiman

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An open-air maritime museum which I can recomend. Check out the Fladen, a former light-vessel which is now a part of this open-air-museum. Other things to see here is the submarine Nordkaparen, as well as the warship HMS Småland J19. You will pass them all along your way, and it is a sight for all family-members.

Several museum-boats and ships at the quay with a few people buying tickets and visiting

Not into opera or ballet? Me neither, but the building is still a must see...

7 Göteborgsoperan, the opera house

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This modern opera-house was established in 1994, and I do recommend a visit on the inside as well as on the outside where it stands along the Göta River. This Architectural marvel is adding a nice touch to Goteborg’s skyline. If you are into the performances, be sure to pre-book tickets to save time and money on the program or to the open rehearsals.

The operahouse in Göteborg with high roof and much light on the outside. You can also see two persons walking near the building

8 Jussi Björlings square

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Named after the legendary Swedish tenor, Jussi Björling who was born in 1911, this part of our walk goes where the city meet the harbor and sea. Locals have their boats here in the marina, making it a natural and quiet part of Gothenburg. Take in the art, the history and the charming architecture here.

View over the harbour with a large sailing boats as well as swedish private fishing boats

Funfact: The name of the building with the red top is Lilla Bommen, but it is better known by its nickname "The lipstick".

10 Barken Viking ship

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A restored 1907 windjammer-ship used as a hotel and restaurant. Small rooms, as this is an old boat, but the view is upper class. Restaurant on the deck in the summer season, but looking at the boat from the quay is an attraction on its own.

A large sail-ship and an old boat for people-transportation on the quay

If you still want to spend more time and see more, I suggest you to continue along the water to "Drömmarnas kaj", or "the quay of dreams" in english.

12 Drömmarnas kaj

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Drömmarnas Kaj, or "Dreams Quay," is a picturesque waterfront area that offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a scenic walk along the waterfront promenade. Take in the breathtaking views of the river and find some nice spots for photos.

A quay with old shipwrecks dreaming about being fixed. There is a small cycle path for walkers along the sea.

Map and route

Get the route at Google maps

Allow about 42 minutes to walk this route, but add extra time for attractions and other stops. Cycling this Gothenburg-route takes about 11 minutes.

Author: Sem Hadland (More about me)

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